A short-list of top references of Ally pigeons at lofts of other fanciers:

Ace PIONEER Club Beijing 2017 – Mr. Chen Shiy (China)

  • Ace PIONEER Club Beijing 2017 is a grandchild to Lucas.
  • A grandson of ‘Schallie Souillac’ – and therefore half brother/sister to ‘Neymar’ – was also crowned as 1st acebird (over 3 races) in Wuhan Fuqi Club for Mr. Chen Shiyi.
  • With a full brother/sister of his 1st ace PIONEER Club Mr. Chen Shiyi won 19th ace Pioneer Club Beijing in 2018 & 18th ace Pioneer Club Beijing 2020.

1. Nat. Souillac 7,793 birds (29/07/19) – D & D Platteeuw (Zillebeke, BE)

Father of the fastest Souillac pigeon 2019 is ‘Daniël’ which is an 100% Ally pigeon who was a topracer himself at Platteeuw D & D. ‘Daniël’ was bred from two direct Ally pigeons: a son ‘Schumi x Zora’ in paring with a full sister of ‘Bolleke’ (mother ‘Lucas’).

1. Nat. Libourne 4,624 old birds (21/07/19) – Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE)

Grandmother of the winner is a direct Ally Pigeon.  She is a daughter of ‘Lucky’ x ‘Ronaldantje’. ‘Ronaldantje’ is a daughter of ‘Ronaldo’ x ‘Bolleke’ (mother ‘Lucas’).

1. Nat. Tulle 13,361 birds (3/08/19) – Luc Tytgat (Ooigem, BE)

Greatgrandmother of the fastest Tulle pigeon 2019 is the topbreedinghen ‘Forette’. She is bred by Norbert & Stefan Ally and is a grandchild of both ‘Ronaldo’ and ‘Primus’.

1. Nat. Brive 13,762 birds – Jacques & Gino Mispelaere (Moorsele, BE)

Father is ‘Nationaal Poitiers’ and is 50% Norbert Ally (line Primus, Bordeaux). ‘Nationaal Poitiers’ himself won 1. Nat. Poitiers 13,814b. in 2013. ‘Nationaal Poitiers’ has become topbreeder at Mispelaere and is (gr)father to 2. Nat. Chateauroux, 4. Nat. Angouleme, 13. Nat. Limoges, 20. Nat. Limoges,… .

1. Nat. Châteauroux 13,762 birds – Sierens-Vandenbroucke (Zwevegem, BE)

BE07-3034329: daughter from ‘Boris”, son to superbreedingcouple ‘Andre’ x ‘Steffie”, thus full brother from ‘Federer’.

3. Nat. Champ. KBDB Long Distance – BDS -Team (Ruiselede, BE)

BE16-3131995 from ‘Neymar’ x ‘Goudina’ (‘Gaston 039’ x ‘Gouda’) is mother to: 

– Co-winner 3. Nat. Champ. KBDB Long Distance
– 2. Nat. Brive 4,238 b.
– 91. Nat. Limoges 9,756 b.

Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE)

Contador, super racer:

– 3. Nat. Angouleme 4,525 b. 
– 5. Nat. Jarnac 4,167 b.
– 6. Nat. Libourne 3,176 b. 
– 8. Nat. Brive 5,952 b.
– 15. Nat. Limoges 9,162 b. 
– 32. Nat. Brive 9,132 b.

Contador his grandmother is a direct Ally Pigeon from ‘Super Bliksem’ (Son ‘Bliksem’ Vandenabeele) x ‘Willequet Beauty’ (halfsister ‘Brave’).

BE14-3147204 from ‘Gaston 039’ x ‘Gouda’ (= full brother ‘Goudina’) is (grand)father to:

– 1. & 2. Prov. Chateaudun 2,053 b.
– 1. Prov. Limoges 3, 037 b. & 16. Nat. 15,979 b.

Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE)

BE15-3142186 bred from Nestpender Ronaldo (Son Ronaldo) x Mother Neymar, is mother to:

– 5. Nat. Angouleme 5,030 b.
– 8. Nat. Ace KBDB Long Distance
– 9. Best Limoges racer 2019-2020
– 17. Nat. Limoges 15,979 b.
– 20. Nat. Limoges 10,783 b.
– 26. Nat. Jarnac 4,940 b.

Heinrich Prenger-Millies (Germany)

BE15-3142175  from ‘Schumi Junior’ x his mother ‘Gouda’ is father to DV-04266-16-187
– in 2020 winner of: 5th best cock Westphalia Championship (approx. 4000 fanciers) / Co-winner of 1st regional (prov.) championship (approx. 250 breeders) / Co-winner of 1st regional (prov.) championship cocks (about 250 breeders) / 4th best cock regional association (prov.) (Regional-Vb. 412 approx. 250 breeders) 1st best cock of RV Werl with 11 prize cards from 11 races 982,65 Ace-Pionts a/o 5.,  9.,10.,10.,10.,17.,21.,40.,77. prize (Racing Federation) (39 breeders) b.

We are always happy to hear from you, if you had successes with descedants of Ally pigeons as well !