Online Auction ” Collector items ” started

3 collector items of Ally for sale on PIPA auction ending on 23/10/2022:  Brother Angoulême Vooruit   Last Son Superbreedingcouple   Son Gaston 039

“January Auction” PIPA

Two Ally pigeons are for sale on PIPA’s “January Auction”: “Brother of Neymar’s Aces”: Brother of New Neymar & Neymar Jr, both 3. Nat. ace KBDB! Direct son Neymar “Inbred Yelena”

1. Ace Wuhan Fuqi Club OLR 2021

Mother of 1. Ace Wuhan Fuqi Club OLR 2021 is bred by Ally: ‘Golda’ (BE19-3116175). ‘Golda’ is daughter of Ally’s famous ‘Schumi Junior’ x base breading hen ‘Belle’, and so ‘Golda’ is full sister to Ally’s top pigeons ‘New Schumi’, ‘New Schuma’ and ‘Gueretje’. For more details, see:

1. National Cahors

Norbert & Stefan Ally win the first national on Cahors (736 km) against 3651 old pigeons, faced with a strong head wind at a speed of 1019 m/min. Article: