“January Auction” PIPA

Two Ally pigeons are for sale on PIPA’s “January Auction”: “Brother of Neymar’s Aces”: Brother of New Neymar & Neymar Jr, both 3. Nat. ace KBDB! Direct son Neymar https://auctions.pipa.be/en/auction/2022-01-january-auction/132471/brother-neymars-aces “Inbred Yelena”https://auctions.pipa.be/en/auction/2022-01-january-auction/132513/inbred-yelena

1. Ace Wuhan Fuqi Club OLR 2021

Mother of 1. Ace Wuhan Fuqi Club OLR 2021 is bred by Ally: ‘Golda’ (BE19-3116175). ‘Golda’ is daughter of Ally’s famous ‘Schumi Junior’ x base breading hen ‘Belle’, and so ‘Golda’ is full sister to Ally’s top pigeons ‘New Schumi’, ‘New Schuma’ and ‘Gueretje’. For more details, see: https://www.ally-pigeons.com/references/

1. National Cahors

Norbert & Stefan Ally win the first national on Cahors (736 km) against 3651 old pigeons, faced with a strong head wind at a speed of 1019 m/min. Article: https://www.pipa.be/en/articles/norbert-stefan-ally-dominate-latest-long-distance-races-1st-national-cahors-highlight

Auction Ally: First details available !

Norbert & Stefan Ally will be selling their entire old birds’ collection from 2018 and older from Monday 18th until Sunday 31st of January 2021. First information about a set of top pigeons that are for sale is available on the website of PIPA: https://www.pipa.be/en/articles/norbert-stefan-ally-aarsele-be-sell-complete-old-birds-collection-2018-and-older-29959